Africa Data Centres Establish Partnership with LINX

Africa Data Centres booth

Africa Data Centres, a subsidiary of the Cassava Technologies group, has announced a strategic partnership with The London Internet Exchange (LINX) to explore expansion opportunities in Africa’s existing and emerging markets. The partnership between the two organizations aims to benefit local network communities, LINX members, and data center facilities across the continent.

Recent research conducted by the global consulting firm Accenture on the ICT ecosystem in Africa revealed that the continent is on the cusp of a technological revolution. The study highlighted several countries, including Kenya, Morocco, Senegal, South Africa, and Ghana, whose Internet-based economies are expanding rapidly. By 2050, it is anticipated that these countries will have Internet-powered shares of their economies (iGDP) spanning from 4 to 6 percent, similar to the United States and Brazil.

The development of sustainable and self-sufficient ICT ecosystems is contingent on the development of data centers, which play a crucial role in propelling economic growth in Africa. Africa Data Centres announced in September 2021 its ambitious expansion plans, which include a $500 million investment in multiple new hyperscale data centers across the continent, in recognition of this significance.

Tesh Durvasula, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Africa Data Centres, emphasized the significance of these plans, stating that the construction of new facilities is necessary to meet the expanding storage and networking requirements required to digitize Africa and provide digital services to its citizens.

Connectivity and Digital Services across Africa

Nurani Nimpuno, to Head of Global Engagement at LINX
“The partnership is anticipated to provide extraordinary opportunities to African countries, according Nurani Nimpuno, to Head of Global Engagement at LINX.

Africa Data Centres operates nine carrier- and cloud-neutral data center facilities in six countries, making it one of the largest networked data center ecosystems in Africa. The company’s market dominance would motivate its ongoing announcements of new construction in existing markets and its plans to establish facilities in underserved or underdeveloped markets.

Through its global Internet Exchange Points (IXPs), LINX specializes in providing redundant and resilient interconnection solutions. This partnership with Africa Data Centres is anticipated to facilitate the improvement of connectivity and digital services in Africa’s emerging markets.

Head of Global Engagement at LINX, Nurani Nimpuno, was enthusiastic about the partnership, citing Africa Data Centres’ extensive network of interconnected facilities on the continent as the ideal platform to support the anticipated development and demand in the ICT industry. The partnership is anticipated to provide extraordinary opportunities to African countries and facilitate the provision of digital services to hundreds of millions of citizens.

As Africa continues its digital transformation journey, the strategic partnership between Africa Data Centres and LINX is poised to drive connectivity, technological advancements, and economic development on the continent. The expertise and resources of these two industry leaders combined would help pave the way for a prosperous future in Africa’s swiftly evolving digital landscape.