Agile Data Sites Partners with Level 3 to Provide Enhanced Connectivity Services

Agile Data Sites, a provider of customized colocation data center space, is now working with Level 3 Communications to provide enhanced connectivity between its sites – in addition to various added ISP offerings including Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) blended Internet via AGILE’s private AutonomousSystem Number (ASN).

This strategic alliance would allow Agile Data Sites to expand its footprint throughout new and diverse areas in the Mid-Atlantic region, providing simplified solutions for enterprise cloud integration and increased connectivity for Content Delivery Networks (CDNs).

level 3By collaborating with Level 3 Communications, AGILE Data Sites gains the ability to offer more choices for customers seeking Internet connectivity solutions, including the opportunity for enhanced redundancy through BGP blended Internet connectivity. Leveraging this new relationship, AGILE plans to provide a diversely routed 40-Gigabit connectivity ring around Washington, D.C., allowing customers to directly connect to Amazon Web Services (AWS Cloud) from any AGILE data center and thereby enhance their cloud integration strategies.

“Our collaboration with Level 3 will establish AGILE as a valued asset to enterprises seeking connectivity options and cloud integration in the Mid-Atlantic region,” said Jeff Plank, President and CEO of Agile Data Sites. “We look forward to growing our relationship with Level 3 and enhancing our connectivity offerings for customers through additional expansion initiatives.”

The agreement with AGILE enables Level 3 Communications to further expand the reach of its services throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. The company’s presence within AGILE facilities will provide tenants with access to new resources designed to handle growing bandwidth needs. In addition, AGILE’s data center customers would now be able to tap into Level 3’s dark fiber and “high-speed” international Internet protocol services with increased redundancy.

“We are very excited to be working with AGILE to further expand our reach throughout the Mid-Atlantic,” said John Giambalvo, General Manager New Jersey Level 3 Communications. “This collaboration presents an exceptional opportunity to strengthen our foothold in the region while providing much-needed connectivity services to AGILE’s growing customer base.”