AIOps Essentials: Automating actions from AIOps analysis | AIOps Use Cases (5/5)

Artificial intelligence for IT operations (AIOps) is a way to automate tasks that are typically carried out by site reliability engineers (SREs). It aims to make the lives of SREs easier by helping them reduce the amount of noise coming from systems, surface issues more easily, and perform root cause analysis by correlating data from different systems.

In this video, we discuss automation in the context of AIOps. We have collected a lot of data, reduced noise, and identified issues and root causes. Now, we look at how to take action on these anomalies. Elastic provides several options for this, including alerts and insights, rules, and connectors. We demonstrate how to create a rule for anomaly detection alerts on custom jobs, and set up actions such as sending an email or webhook when an anomaly is detected and recovered. This allows for closing the loop in the AIOps process by automating actions and responses to detected issues.

00:00 – Introduction
01:41 – Creating Rules
04:00 – Email Action
09:27 – Metric threshold alert
12:35 – Alert Dashboard
14:40 – Verifying the anomalies
16:12 – Degrading the service on purpose
18:56 – 21x lower performance detected
20:41 – Emails and Inspecting triggers

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