Alcide Helps You Easily Launch and Secure Your Kubernetes Containers

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As the cloud becomes more pervasive and more complex, an increasing number of companies are looking to make the shift from systems they’ve historically run to more modern services. That change can be tough, however, for a variety of reasons. They need to be able to have their migration appear seamless from a customer’s perspective, while also ensuring its new infrastructure is secure once the migration is complete. This space is precisely where Alcide operates.

Founded in 2016, the startup helps companies that are looking to launch multi-cluster Kubernetes deployments easily migrate from their old infrastructure, and then also ensures those clusters are secure moving forward. Check out the above interview with Alcide Co-Founder and CTO Gadi Naor to learn more about the startup and how they help bring everyone into the modern cloud.

Duration: 2:58
Publisher: Amazon Web Services
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