Alibaba Cloud Computing Division Signs Strategic Partnership with NVIDIA to Expand Its HPC and Deep Learning Market

AliCloud (also named Aliyun), the cloud computing business of Alibaba Group, has signed a strategic partnership with NVIDIA, the world leader in visual computing specialized in platforms for the gaming, professional visualization, data center and automotive markets. The two companies will collaborate closely around AliCloud HPC (High Performance Computing) to offer a GPU-based cloud HPC platform in China.

In view of the great popularity of GPU applications in deep learning and the long history of partnership between the two companies, NVIDIA and AliCloud will work together to further expand the deep learning market and offer innovative companies in deep learning, AI, and Robots strong support.

AliCloud HPC, a high-performance computing product based on its public cloud hosting platform, officially opened for business in December 2015. Users can buy GPU server instances on AliCloud’s official website. With this GPU computing-based cloud service, companies and research institutes in deep learning and HPC industries can enjoy GPU computing services directly from the cloud. It provides dedicated physical machines equipped with two NVIDIA Tesla K40 GPU accelerators.

alicloud cloud hosting“Innovative companies in deep learning are one of our most important user communities,” said Zhang Wensong, chief scientist of AliCloud. “Together with NVIDIA, AliCloud will use its strength in public cloud computing and experiences accumulated in HPC to offer emerging companies in deep learning greater support in the future.”

In addition, the two companies will form a joint lab to conduct deeper research and technical co-operations in fields like deep learning, HPC, and CDN value-added service application. What’s more, they will help key clients to port and optimize their HPC applications and provide them with comprehensive services and support.

“We’re delighted to provide our clients, especially emerging start-up companies, with GPU accelerated computing services on AliCloud, the leader in cloud computing services in China,” said Shanker Trivedi, NVIDIA’s Global VP. “Users can enjoy the latest GPU accelerated HPC, AI (Artificial Intelligence), and deep learning technologies through the cloud. By leveraging our comprehensive accelerated computing platform and global ecosystem, NVIDIA is teaming up with AliCloud to provide emerging companies with strong HPC and Deep Learning support and empower them to innovate.”