All-Flash Storage Vendor SolidFire Launches New Reference Architecture for Virtual Environments

SolidFire, an all-flash storage systems vendor, has introduced the latest addition to its Agile Infrastructure (AI) family of pre-validated converged infrastructure designs. Built with its all-flash scale-out storage system at the foundation, SolidFire’s new AI for Virtual Infrastructure incorporates technology from Dell and VMware into a thoroughly tested reference architecture.

The new Agile Infrastructure (AI) reference architecture is optimized to consolidate and guarantee performance to thousands of virtual workloads, operating systems and applications from a single, shared infrastructure. This combined solution would simplify and accelerate the deployment of repeatable, dynamic virtualized IT environments that can be customized to meet the ever-changing expectations of IT service, delivery and consumption.

solidfire-all-flash-storageThe latest in its series of comprehensive AI solutions, SolidFire‘s new Virtual Infrastructure for dynamic IT environments combines: SolidFire’s all-flash scale-out block storage platform, Dell PowerEdge R630 servers and Dell Networking S55 and S4810 switches, and VMware vSphere. Leveraging SolidFire’s unique Quality of Service (QoS) capabilities, storage policies can be provisioned and enforced to isolate and guarantee performance to each workload while running thousands of workloads simultaneously within a single, shared infrastructure.

To remove the infrastructure build guesswork and help organizations create individualized Virtual Infrastructure, SolidFire provides configuration guidance for small, medium and large-size deployments.

SolidFire AI for Virtual Infrastructure with Dell and VMware would enable IT organizations to consolidate, automate and scale business-critical virtualized environments to:

  • Non-disruptively expand system infrastructure with instant resource availability and seamless generational upgrades, enabling organizations to react and respond to current IT needs in real time.
  • Deliver fine-grain performance control to every workload, ensuring application predictability and facilitating consolidation at scale.
  • Automate all of the complex storage management tasks and deliver deep management integration.
  • Deliver secure multi-tenancy on a resilient, self-healing architecture to reduce operational overhead and risk.
  • Maximize utilization of resources with global, always-on efficiencies to reduce the data center footprint and lower operational costs.
“Solutions like SolidFire’s Agile Infrastructure create IT infrastructures that can efficiently meet evolving business requirements,” said Eric Burgener, Flash Storage Research Director at IDC.

“All-flash arrays have proven their ability to deliver the highest absolute performance, excel at delivering performance consistently despite varying workload requirements, and reliably handle mixed data center workload configurations in terms of throughput and latencies,” said Eric Burgener, Flash Storage Research Director at IDC. “Solutions like SolidFire’s Agile Infrastructure that incorporate performance, scalability, enterprise-class data services and granular QoS controls create IT infrastructures that can efficiently meet evolving business requirements. IT environments that are running high levels of utilization with many simultaneous workloads can benefit from converged infrastructure designs that deliver consistent performance to very unpredictable virtualized and cloud-based workloads.”

The fourth in a series of Agile Infrastructure (AI) designs, AI for Virtual Infrastructure joins SolidFire’s existing AI for OpenStack offerings. SolidFire will be demonstrating AI for Virtual Infrastructure October 20-22 in booth #2010 at Dell World 2015 in Austin, Texas.