All-Flash Storage Vendor SolidFire Releases New Features Aimed at Enterprises

enterprise-storage-systems-solidfireSolidFire, an all-flash storage systems vendor, has unveiled a new set of enterprise grade features into its all-flash array. These new features include fibre channel connectivity, real-time replication, mixed-node cluster support, and integrated back-up and support.

SolidFire is rolling out the new features that would pave the way for enterprises striving to deliver a more agile, automated, and scalable storage infrastructure.

These new enterprise grade features include:

  • Fibre Channel Connectivity – Adding to their 10Gb iSCSI connectivity, SolidFire introduces 16Gb active / active Fibre Channel (FC) connectivity to its full line of all-flash arrays – SF3010, SF6010, and SF9010. This added functionality would enable enterprise customers to easily transition current FC workloads and take advantage of SolidFire’s guaranteed storage performance, system automation, and scale-out architecture.
  • Real-Time Replication – SolidFire’s Real-Time Replication technology would enable the quick and cost-effective creation of additional remote copies of data. Native to the SolidFire design, this functionality delivers disaster recovery capabilities to CSP and enterprise customers without the need for third party hardware or software. Each storage cluster can be paired with up to four other clusters and replicate data in either direction allowing for easy failover and failback.
  • Mixed-Node Cluster Support – SolidFire storage systems now support the combination of storage nodes of different capacity, performance, and protocols within a single cluster. Within every SolidFire storage system, capacity and performance are managed as two global and separate resource pools. When new storage nodes are added to a cluster, additional capacity and performance are made immediately available to both existing applications and new workloads.
  • Integrated Backup & Restore – This SolidFire functionality provides native snapshot-based backup and restore functionality compatible with any object store or device that has an S3 or SWIFT compatible API. This functionality would eliminate the cost and complexity of third party backup & recovery products, while dramatically accelerating backup performance. Enterprise customers can now easily scale backups for thousands of hosts and applications.