All in the Field: AWS Agriculture Live | S1 Ep1 | Crop Algorithms: Smart Farms in Commodity

Learn about smart farm architecture in our premiere episode of All in the Field: AWS Agriculture Live! #allinthefield

Special Guest: Matt Wolff, Geo Solutions Architect, AWS

Find all resources shared in this episode below:
* Robotics for sustainability – Check out
* Combining ML and Computer Vision? Check out:
* Cameras in the cab and video streams –
* Link to Smart Farm Architecture:
* WebRTC Find out more here:
* Agriculture using IoT Core and Greengrass. For more info check out: and
* Greengrass handles intermittent connectivity, but it also enables containerized applications to be deployed at the edge. Pretty cool for all the edge inference use cases in Ag
* IoT device security is so important. Matt’s talking about X.509 certificates which connect AWS IoT Core using TLS mutual authentication protocols which eliminate the need to store an access key ID and a secret access key on your device. Pretty cool stuff. The developer guide is here:
* Open Source Geospatial Hackathon sign up here:
* ol-kit:
* IoT Immersion Day:
* Join our IoT customer roundtable!


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