“All Infrastructure Hosting Should Include DDoS Protection”

OPINION – ServerMania CEO, Kevin Blanchard, has commented on the huge rise in Distributed Denial of Service attacks over the last quarter, as revealed in NexusGuard’s Q2 2016 DDoS Threat Report. He believes the sharp increase in attacks demonstrates the need for DDoS protection as standard for all web and infrastructure hosting.

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks bombard network interfaces with huge amounts of data. A substantial DDoS attack can degrade service and will often force websites and services offline altogether.

In the second quarter of 2016, global incidences of DDoS attacks increased by 83%. The increase in the number of DDoS attacks is accompanied by an increase in their volume – attacks peaking at multiple hundreds of Gigabytes per second are now common.

“DDoS attacks are a risk for businesses of all sizes,” said ServerMania CEO, Kevin Blanchard. “Huge attacks are commonplace, and effective attacks are so easy to launch that they pose a risk to every business with an online presence.“

kevin blanchard servermania
Kevin Blanchard, CEO of ServerMania

“Large DDoS attacks are trivial to launch because of flaws in services essential to the functioning of the Internet. These flaws – especially in some DNS and NTP servers – allow attackers to amplify the volume of the data they can send. An attacker doesn’t need to be able to send multiple Gigabytes per second. Instead, they can send small amounts of data to DNS or NTP servers, which will then send many times more data to the target.”

“That’s why we believe DDoS protection should be included with infrastructure hosting plans as standard. All ServerMania hosting plans include DDoS protection capable of mitigating all known types of DDoS attack.”

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