All-SSD Vendor SolidFire to Fuel Internap and Datapipe HPC Cloud Storage Offerings

hpc-cloud-hostingIaaS hosting provider Internap and managed services provider Datapipe have both opted for SolidFire’s all-SSD storage system to fuel their HPC cloud storage offerings. SolidFire’s all-flash storage architecture would be appealing to these global hosting service providers as the technology can scale out to over 3.5 PB and 7.5 million predictable IOPS.

SolidFire’s all-SSD system is powering Internap’s new cloud block storage offering, which would deliver guaranteed high levels of storage and application performance. The new block storage offering is integrated into Internap’s public cloud hosting service, AgileCLOUD, which entered beta availability in November 2013 and is based on OpenStack.

Designed for large-scale use cases, Internap AgileCLOUD fully exposes both virtualized and bare-metal compute instances over a native OpenStack API. As a result, customers would be able to easily provision and manage thousands of virtual or bare-metal cloud instances via the Internap customer portal or programmatically via API to best fit their application and use case requirements.

Enterprise managed cloud hosting

managed-cloud-hostingDatapipe, provider of enterprise-grade managed services, has selected SolidFire as the primary storage system for its Stratosphere Cloud platform. This cloud platform was designed to meet the increasing demands of current and prospective enterprise customers, whose businesses depend on guaranteed performance and reliability.

The Datapipe Stratosphere Cloud platform delivers support for a wide range of customer solutions including high performance computing (HPC), managed private cloud hosting, as well as self-service public and private cloud hosting offerings.