Amazon Machine Learning Solutions Lab Helps Customers Accelerate Innovation Across Industries

Today’s business leaders know that transformation is accelerated when you invest in the right technologies. At Amazon, our Machine Learning Solutions Lab is helping customers across the globe build and expand machine learning powered solutions across multiple industries like manufacturing, healthcare and life sciences, financial services, sports, public sector and automotive. In this video, ML Solutions Lab Director Priya Ponnapalli shares the innovative solutions provided to customers Swimming Australia, Broadridge, and Janssen.

The path to machine learning success is not always straightforward and our ML Solutions Lab is designed to connect our machine learning experts and data scientists to help you identify and build solutions for your organization’s most impactful ML use cases. Through discovery workshops and ideation sessions, the ML Solutions Lab “works backwards” from your business problems to deliver a roadmap of prioritized ML use cases with an implementation plan to address them. They then go step-by-step through the process of developing a machine learning-based solution for your organization and also offer training to augment the level of ML expertise on your team including developer training, business leader training, and a hands-on event through the ML Embark Program. This team brings to every customer engagement the learnings from more than 20 years of Amazon’s ML innovations in areas such as fulfillment and logistics, personalization and recommendations, computer vision and translation, fraud prevention, forecasting and supply chain optimization.

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