AMD Promotes Server SoC Architect Kevin Lepak to Corporate Fellow

AMD - Kevin Lepak
Kevin Lepak

Senior Fellow and Server SoC (system on chip) Architect at AMD, Kevin Lepak, has been named an AMD Corporate Fellow. The promotion in honor of his key contribution in the design of next-generation AMD EPYC processors. The distinction of being named an AMD Corporate Fellow is reserved for the most distinguished innovators. Only eight engineers at AMD now have the designation of Corporate Fellow.

AMD counts more than 12,600 employees worldwide. Kevin Lepak has 16 years of experience at AMD and is a top technologist with extensive knowledge of SoC design, memory and I/O performance, and CPU architectures. His technological prowess and pivotal involvement in developing an industry-leading roadmap have aided major data center expansion.

“Kevin’s technical contributions made undeniable positive impact on AMD over many years,” said Mark Papermaster, chief technology officer and executive vice president of Technology and Engineering at AMD. “He played an instrumental role in solidifying the company’s leadership in the data center and continues to work closely with customers to design future generations of high-performance AMD products. With his aptitude for innovation, execution and collaboration, Kevin epitomizes our high-performance culture.”

AMD Corporate Fellows are selected via a rigorous assessment process that considers not just particular technological contributions to the firm, but also industry engagement, mentorship of others, and boosting the company’s long-term strategic position.

Google Cloud

A month ago, Google Cloud announced the expansion of its use of AMD EPYC processors with the preview of N2D Virtual Machines (VMs) powered by AMD EPYC 7003 Series processors.

According to Google Cloud, the N2D VMs provide approximately 30% higher price-performance across a variety of workloads than the previous generation of AMD EPYC processor-based N2D instances, thanks to the performance capabilities of the current generation of EPYC processors.

Content delivery network (CDN) service provider, Cloudflare, is another giant company including AMD EPYC processors in its server systems lately. When choosing a processor for its 10th generation of servers, Cloudflare claims it was particularly satisfied with AMD’s newest EPYC hardware when migrating from the company’s prior servers.

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