AMS-IX in Amsterdam Sees Internet Traffic Volume Double in 4 Years


In 2022, the AMS-IX’s total data volume in Amsterdam increased to 29.39 EB. The Internet volume of the Amsterdam-based Internet Exchange reached 14.12 EB in 2018, which implies that in only four years, the volume of data transmitted on the network more than doubled.

In 2022, 11.6 Terabit per second of peak traffic was recorded on the Amsterdam Internet Exchange. In comparison, 11.6 Terabit per second is equal to 2,3 million HD videos or more than 6,2 million TikTok videos streaming simultaneously, according to the AMS-IX.

“Internet growth at our IXs is a sign of the ever-growing use of digital services and devices in society in general and the importance of AMS-IX as a vital part of the digital gateway to Europe,” said Peter van Burgel, CEO at AMS-IX. “Especially during the pandemic years, the Internet usage surged which resulted in significant growth on the platform.”

At AMS-IX in Amsterdam, there are now 889 connected networks, with 38 percent of them being AMS-IX association members. The majority of linked networks still connect to the platform using 10GE ports, however the number of 100 GE connectors is expanding significantly. From 360 in 2021 to 428 in 2022, the number of 100 GE ports that were operational increased by 19 percent.

Global Roaming Exchange

Peter van Burgel, CEO at AMS-IX
“Especially during the pandemic years, the Internet usage surged which resulted in significant growth on the platform,” said Peter van Burgel, CEO at AMS-IX.

The demand for AMS-IX’s Global Roaming Exchange (GRX) services has significantly increased, according to the IX, with the rise in mobile data use and mobile Internet usage. Their platform called the Global Roaming Exchange allows networks to share data related to international roaming. Global roaming data is generated by users who want to use mobile Internet in a foreign country. Peak traffic on the GRX increased by 52 percent from 2021 to 2022, reaching 312 Gbps.

Additionally, AMS-IX is expanding its network of Internet Exchanges outside of the Netherlands. New IXs were inaugurated by AMS-IX in Hyderabad, Kolkata, Singapore, and Cairo last year. Particularly, the exchange in Singapore, which now has 7 linked networks, would appear to be growing swiftly. In 2022, their Internet Exchanges in Hong Kong (88 Gbps) and Manama (465 Gbps) experienced new traffic peaks, according to the AMS-IX.

As new technologies and services are accepted and included into the Internet Exchange Points, AMS-IX’s partner ecosystem continues to develop, opening up fresh possibilities for cooperation and innovation. With more than 60 reselling partners now, AMS-IX has a presence in 800 data centers across 64 countries.