AMS-IX Unveils Data Center Interconnect


A new Data Center Connectivity service has been made available to users by AMS-IX (Amsterdam Internet Exchange), one of the biggest Internet Exchanges on the globe. With the new service, users can discreetly transfer data between AMS-IX Points of Presence (PoPs) using the AMS-IX Amsterdam infrastructure, enjoying “improved network speed and secure, reliable links.”

The AMS-IX Data Center Interconnect is a point-to-point link between one or more AMS-IX sites that is confidential and adaptable. A client can expand their Internet infrastructure, link any of their AMS-IX Access networks, and access other data centers using the service, allowing them to purchase or offer services there.

To conduct data back-ups and transfers, the service can also be used to link two or more current data center sites and create a data center backbone.

Enterprises, Public Sector, Hosting Providers, MSPs

“This new service can be used for various use cases,” said Mike Baron, Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) at AMS-IX. “Especially enterprises, the public sector, hosting providers and managed service providers will benefit greatly from this new service.”

A completely controlled and independent ethernet network, which is the foundation of this Data Center Interconnect offering, would guarantee reliable and low-latency communication between locations. The sixteen data centers in AMS-IX’s Amsterdam Region as well as those in Rotterdam (SmartDC) and Naaldwijk (Worldstream) are the only ones that presently offer the service. Starting today, the new service will be available.

The AMS-IX is a neutral, member-based organization that runs a number of IXs globally. With peak traffic of more than 11 Terabits per second (Tbps), their main infrastructure in Amsterdam has played a vital role at the heart of the Internet for almost 30 years and is one of the biggest IXs in the world. Linking to AMS-IX would guarantee clients like Internet Service Providers (ISPs), telco firms, and cloud service providers that their international IP data is handled in an effective, quick, safe, steady, and affordable manner. As a result, they can provide end clients with low delay online encounters. More than 1000 IP networks around the globe are connected by AMS-IX.