An introduction to Microsoft Identity | Azure Friday

Christos Matskas joins Scott Hanselman to show how the Microsoft identity platform enables you to add identity authentication and authorization to your solution in a few easy steps.

0:00 – Introduction
3:19 – Overview of the Microsoft identity platform
10:50 – Demo: ASP.NET Core Web App with AAD authentication
12:53 – Demo: Registering an application in AAD
16:05 – Wrap-up

🔗 What is the Microsoft identity platform? –
🔗 Microsoft identity platform documentation –
🔗 Microsoft 365 Developer Program –
🔗 The 425 Show –
🔗 Learn: Secure your identities by using Azure Active Directory –
🔗 Create a free account (Azure) –

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Duration: 00:18:19
Publisher: Microsoft Azure
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