Anjuna Raises $30M in Series B Funding from Insight Partners

Anjuna, a company making public cloud more secure for businesses, has announced the successful closing of its Series B financing. The company has managed to raise an amount of $30 million led by Insight Partners.

This new investment has taken the total investment raised by the company to $43 million. This is going to help the company in bringing the Anjuna Confidential Cloud Software Platform to market and will help boost the pace of continuous evolutions of the company’s technology and security innovations in the market of enterprise confidential computing.

Talking about the investors, Insight Partners is a global venture capital and a private equity firm that invests in rapidly growing technology and software scaleup companies. As of now, it has invested in more than 400 companies globally and has raised funds worth more than $30 billion in capital commitments.

Making Public Cloud More Secure

Photo Lonne Jaffe, Managing Director, Insight Partners
“Public cloud infrastructure- from providers such as Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, and others – is becoming an economic and competitive necessity, but security and business continuity concerns have kept many companies from fully embracing the cloud,” said Lonne Jaffe, Managing Director, Insight Partners.

When it comes to Anjuna, it is an organization offering solutions which help make the public cloud more secure for businesses. Software from the organization allows enterprises to securely run sensitive workloads in the public cloud.

The Anjuna platform benefits from the confidential computing technologies now available in the latest generation of public clouds and servers to protect application workloads and data from attackers, malicious software, and rogue insiders.

According to Anjuna, public clouds are transformed into fully trusted environments including the untrusted geographies with the industry-standard secure enclave technology. These hardware-based locked computing environments provide protection for applications and data privacy, including AI code, proprietary algorithms, and personally identifiable information (PII).

Anjuna Confidential Clouds Software Platform Benefits

According to a recent 451 Research poll, the risk of losing sensitive data is the biggest barrier to shifting workloads to the public cloud. Not only this, but their report named ‘Securely Embracing the Cloud’ stated that the economics of moving to the cloud are compelling, still more than 70% of organizations are not taking complete leverage of this due to safety concerns. The report threw light on the introduction of cloud-technology to the industry that will be capable of making a public cloud data center more secure than those operating on-premises or the ones being managed by enterprise IT operations.

As mentioned by Anjuna, organizations can now completely lock down data and applications during runtime. This would close the opportunities for attackers, rogue software, and insiders even if they manage to get root access to a host. The protection provided by the company works smoothly over networks, storage, multi-cloud and high-cloud environments from different vendors. It is equally effective across on-premises data centers. In a transparent way, Anjuna software deploys within the enterprise ecosystem and secures all the data stored in different states. It also supports packaged and legacy enterprise applications quickly without any modifications.

Managing Director’s Take

Managing Director at Insight Partners, Lonne Jaffee, said that public cloud infrastructure from various providers like AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, etc, is emerging as an economic and competitive necessity but business continuity and security concerns have influenced many companies to be at a bay from using cloud’s full potential.

Mr. Jaffee further added that Anjuna has invented the necessary breakthrough to completely secure workloads in the public cloud without any need for changes or special accommodations by applications or IT. Jaffe concluded by saying that they are proud to boost Anjuna’s effort to make the public cloud safe for the most sensitive data and workloads.