Announcing a Cloud-based SaaS, ERP System Designed for the Agriculture Industry

The Operation and Agriculture Supply Information System (OASIS), a private company in the state of Maryland, has announced the launch of a cloud hosting based, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution that provides an agribusiness with security and availability to store and analyze agricultural production records.

The OASIS cloud hosting based system design had been piloted for an agribusiness in early 2013. The latest version has been re-engineered for diverse agricultural producers worldwide, including North America and Europe. Farmers in developing countries get a reduced rate. A percentage of the cloud ERP system’s net profit goes toward training and technical assistance activities to improve situations in developing countries.

Private Database

erp-cloud-agricultureOASIS’ proprietary business method manages a comprehensive data set so that producers and consumers can trace grown food back to the original farmland. Wherever users are in the agricultural value chain, they can be assured of knowing where the crop came from.

Technical controls and managerial procedures are in place to maintain security and privacy. Each agribusiness gets its own private database that cannot be accessed by any third party organization. Ownership of all data remains with the agribusiness.

Key Product Features of OASIS’ Agricultural ERP Cloud System Include:

  • Indicator Management – User-defined quantitative indicators of agricultural production that drive the display of dynamic charts on the dashboard.
  • Land Use Organization – Record management of the divided farmland.
  • Chemical Application Management – Record management of fertilizer, pesticide, and other chemicals that are used in crop protection.
  • Water Use Management – Record management of water from various sources.
  • Packing Operations Management – Record management of packed produce prepared for transport to domestic and foreign markets.
  • Financial Management – Record management of expenditures and revenues.