Answer this question and your customers will love you

If you have a website & you are not attempting to capture your visitors contact details then you could be missing out on extra business.

One way to do this is to offer your visitors something for free in return for the contact details & at a minimum their email address. Once you have this then you have the opportunity to start to follow up with them, initially by email.

If you think about it most people don’t arrive at your site for no reason. They are not there by accident. They are looking for something & hopefully you have that something that they are looking for.

If you can offer them a report that addresses their biggest need or their biggest issue related to your product or service then they are much more likely to give you their contact details. Obviously you need to tailor it to your audience whether they are business or consumers for example.

So have a think about what is your customers biggest issue or biggest need & see if you can come up with a title that reflects this.

Duration: 3:39
Publisher: Pickaweb
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