Anthos Migrate: On-Prem to Cloud-Native on GKE (Cloud Next '19)

“This session takes you through the journey of migration and modernization a legacy on-premises application to GKE while gaining better observability and other benefits. You will learn how with, Google Cloud your applications running on-premises can be migrated and modernized over GKE on Google Cloud. The starting point is a legacy application running on-premises, then with GKE Migrate, the application is moved to GKE and can run as well as part of an Istio service mesh. Lastly, Stackdriver is used to show the observability of the migrated legacy application. This session covers also the overview and benefits of migrating and modernizing to Cloud-Native on GKE.

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Speaker(s): Lucien Avramov, Leonid Vasetsky
, David Munro , -, , -, ,
Moderator: –
Panelists: -, -, -, -, –

Session ID: HYB213
product:Cloud Healthcare,AI; fullname:Patrick Kling,Arie Meir,Alexander Sicular;”

Duration: 48:44
Publisher: Google Cloud
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