Anturis Unveils Enhanced Version of its IT Monitoring Solution for SMBs and Web Hosting Providers

Anturis Inc., founded in 2011 by serial entrepreneur Serguei Beloussov – also a founder of Parallels, has announced Anturis Version 1.4 with Parallels Plesk integration. The new version of this cloud-based monitoring and troubleshooting solution, designed for SMBs and web hosting providers, would provide users with the ability to set up and start monitoring all of a customer’s servers and software.

web-hosting-providers-anturisThe Anturis Version 1.4 launch follows Anturis’ recent integration with cPanel & WHM. With its new Parallels Plesk plugin, Anturis now supports both of the most popular control panels for server and web stack administration. This integration would make it easy to set up monitoring for Plesk Panel users, as the special Anturis plugin can fetch both server and typical software configurations and set up monitoring of these elements automatically.

Also new to Anturis Version 1.4 is its Dashboards feature. Anturis Dashboards offer an expansive view of a system’s operating metrics, making it a tool for troubleshooting complex issues in SMB and web hosting environments. Anturis Dashboards allow users to compare the graphs of all system resources and applications, as well as graphs of external Web monitors. With Dashboards, users are able to zoom into a problem, visually check abnormal behavior and spot correlations between different metrics.

Other new product features of Anturis Version 1.4 would include:

  • More responsive and faster graphs
  • Re-worked graph UI with more convenient access to single checks data
  • Optimized back-end performance
  • Optimized fail detection algorithm with improved false alerts filtering