Anturis Unveils Version 2.2 of Its IT Monitoring Solution, Adds Full Page Monitor

Anturis, founded in 2011 by serial entrepreneur Serguei Beloussov – founder of Parallels, has unveiled Anturis 2.2, a new and upgraded version of its IT monitoring and troubleshooting solution. Version 2.2 features Full Page load monitoring, a beta version of Uptime monitor, a widget for cPanel & WHM plugin and a Maintenance mode.

Anturis’ new Full Page monitor periodically checks webpages and shows connection time, download time, and size of all individual elements on the page. It also allows users to identify bottlenecks that slow load time, which can be scripts, CSS elements, large images, videos and more.

Full Page monitor even has the ability to alert users if page content is missing. Additionally, each measurement includes a waterfall chart of page elements, showing the sequence in which elements were loaded and the time to load. This enables users to analyze which elements affect page load time most.

Basic Monitoring of Servers

it-monitoring-anturis“Although ping, HTTP and TCP monitors are important, these do not give you a complete picture of how well your website works,” said Sergey Nevstruev, CEO of Anturis. “Our new Full Page Monitor provides the complete information on how webpages work for a real user. Anturis 2.2 also features Maintenance mode capability. Combined, this makes Anturis even more useful and simple to use for web hosting providers and web administrators of small and medium sized businesses.”

Anturis 2.2 also provides a beta version of Uptime monitor and Uptime widget for Anturis’ plugin for cPanel & WHM control panel. The cPanel Uptime Monitor periodically checks if servers are reachable and are functioning properly. Users can start basic monitoring of servers in cPanel & WHM – even if they don’t have an Anturis account. Users who require more advanced monitoring features can create an Anturis account through the cPanel interface.

Maintenance Mode

Users can share server uptime status on websites via the new Anturis Uptime widget, which shows website uptime percentage. This widget would be a great way for businesses to show their customers that their service is reliable. The plugin can be installed in just two minutes.

Another new important feature in Anturis 2.2 is its Maintenance mode. Maintenance mode allows users to perform service actions on their infrastructure without affecting the uptime status. When Anturis monitoring is in Maintenance mode, all problem reporting and notifications are suspended while monitoring data is collected and displayed.