AnyPresent Discuss Hosting Their Website with UKFast

Before being hosted on a dedicated server with UKFast, was hosted on a shared platform with Sam’s website developer. It was causing issues with the site’s speed that were difficult to resolve, but a chance meeting with a member of UKFast solved the problems.

“There were around 40 companies on that shared server,” said Sam. “Whenever one of those businesses experienced a spike in traffic it had a knock-on effect for us, and our site would slow right down. The other issue was that if the server ever suffered a glitch at night, I’d have to wait until the morning to be able to discuss it with the web developers.

“I got chatting with a man in the gym, who told me he was an account manager with UKFast. He explained what the company does, and why I was having the issues I was. It had never been explained so clearly before – so I knew then that UKFast would offer great technical expertise. I started migrating shortly afterwards.”

A business that experiences its busiest times during festive periods, it was imperative for Any Present to have the reassurance that it can alter its solution to allow for huge traffic spikes – and still maintain its speed.

“I’m an online shopper; I don’t stay on websites longer than three of four seconds if they’re taking a while to load,” said Sam. “Speed is important to business owners and customers alike; I’m not willing to lose business because our pages are loading slowly. That’s what we were experiencing with our previous provider, but as soon as we migrated to UKFast the difference was instantly noticeable. Pages load in about one second now, which is brilliant.

“As we build new partnerships with more retailers, we expect our traffic to steadily increase but once Christmas hits we know we’ll be inundated with visitors. Our dedicated server with UKFast has 8GB of RAM and the capacity to add on website acceleration at the click of a button, so I know that without any doubt our server can handle traffic peaks big or small.

“If you’ve got a fast site that doesn’t crash under pressure, it’s one of the best elements of customer service that you can ever provide.”

As it sets partnerships with other huge retailers in its sights to ensure future growth, Any Present is confident UKFast’s tailored support will help ensure success.

“Hosting is essential to e-commerce business owners,” said Sam. “I want this business to be the biggest success it can be, and I know that having UKFast by my side – with its thousands of server options and added extras to choose from – that I won’t have any problems when it comes to my hosting.

“Would I recommend UKFast? A big, fat yes.”

Duration: 2:1
Publisher: UKFast
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