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Cisco’s DNA Center forms the heart of our intent-based network. On its console interface, DNA Center is categorized into four major buckets: Design, Policy, Provision, and Assurance. And now we’ve added a fifth category: Platform. In this latest rollout, the DNA Center team and Cisco DevNet show you capabilities, workloads, and functionality of DNA Center now available to developers, partners, and customers.

In APIs Exposed, Cisco’s Saurav Prasad (@theSauravPrasad) describes the new and fine-tuned platform capabilities supported by Cisco DNA Center:
• Intent APIs, to provide a consistent way to make network-wide changes that align with your business.
• Integration APIs, to integrate the network with IT processes such as ITSM and IPAM.
• Events and notifications, to resolve issues proactively by helping third-party apps respond to correlated events.
• Multivendor device support SDK, to discover and manage third-party devices directly through DNA Center.

And DevNet’s Adrian Iliesiu (@aidevnet) demonstrates how Cisco DNA Center templates can be used with APIs to automate host onboarding.

Duration: 25:9
Publisher: Cisco
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