Application optimization for GKE

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When optimizing your costs on GKE, you’ll want to fine-tune your configurations as well as your application. In today’s episode of Beyond Your Bill, we show you how to understand your applications capacity, set resource and request limits, and much more! Watch to learn how you can fully optimize your application for Google Kubernetes Engine!

0:00 – Intro
1:02 – Understand your application capacity →
1:52 – Set appropriate resource requests and limits →
2:45 – Make sure your application can grow vertically and horizontally →
3:38 – Best practices for building containers →
4:17 – Shutting down according to Kubernetes expectations →
5:42 – Add Pod Disruption Budget to your application →
6:11 – Set meaningful readiness and liveness probes for your application →
7:18 – Consider using retries with exponential backoff →
8:27 – Outro

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Product: Google Kubernetes Engine; fullname: Mark Mirchandani;


Duration: 00:09:01
Publisher: Google Cloud
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