AppNeta Unveils High-Resolution DNS Performance Monitoring

End-to-end network performance monitoring provider AppNeta has announced the launch of DNS monitoring as a core offering within their AppNeta Performance Manager. These new capabilities are designed specifically to assess the performance of DNS from the perspective of the end user, not just from the view of the DNS server owner.

As DNS monitoring is fully integrated within AppNeta’s existing ‘experience testing’ functionality, users can derive the impact of DNS issues on end users without having to configure separate testing or incurring additional costs.

AppNeta’s approach to DNS monitoring would fit into any network architecture, especially those migrating to the cloud. With the increased use of Direct Internet Access, DNS responses may be delivered to enterprise locations through a diverse collection of servers – both internal and through an array of ISPs and DNS providers – which would make comprehensive monitoring quite essential.

DNS Monitoring Capabilities

“When it comes to the end user experience of business critical applications, slow is the new down, and nowhere does that manifest itself more than with DNS performance,” said Matt Stevens, CEO of AppNeta. “Total DNS failure is easy to spot, but slow DNS performance insidiously steals valuable time and productivity from everyone. Our new class-leading DNS monitoring capabilities enable forward thinking IT teams to stay ahead of DNS-induced slowness on an app-by-app basis from the end-user’s perspective.”

AppNeta’s DNS monitoring capabilities deliver advanced visibility into DNS performance, providing a local perspective from wherever users are. DNS performance and reliability data is gathered and analyzed continuously and retained for up to a year, giving IT the insight to spot issues and tune DNS configurations as necessary to ensure the best performance possible throughout the enterprise.