Ardent Data Centers Announces €110M Expansion in the US and Europe

Ardent Data CentersExperts in the design, construction, and administration of data centers, Ardent Data Centers, part of the Northern Data Group (a provider of energy-efficient HPC infrastructure to businesses and research institutions), has announced a €110 million investment plan intended to increase its capacity to provide colocation services across Europe and the United States.

Ardent says it is the preferred bidder on a crucial site in the United Kingdom while it has successfully agreed to Letters of Intent (LOI) with two data center locations in the United States. All three purchases are expected to be completed by the end of Q1 2024 and are a component of the Northern Data Group‘s overall investment plan.

After being acquired, these properties will be included in Ardent Data Centers’ growing portfolio of high-density, next-generation data centers, which will provide colocation services in both the US and Europe. This capacity would assist Northern Data Group’s ambition to seize the vast potential in the global HPC industry and satisfy the rising demand for compute power required for Generative AI (GenAI) applications.

“We are focused on building the most efficient, future-ready network of HPC co-location capacity in the market,” said Corey Needles, Managing Director, Ardent Data Centers. “These sites will represent an important next step in the expansion of our portfolio and are the most recent in a series of investments across strategic locations, with more to come. Powering the next-generation of HPC innovation is central to Northern Data Group’s strategy, and scaling Ardent’s data center portfolio is core to realizing this ambition.”

NVIDIA H100 Installations

Only the most effective, specially designed liquid cooling technology – which yields a lower Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) ratio than existing industry standards – will be used in Ardent’s data center settings. This would allow for more utilization and performance at a lower cost. After being approved for inclusion in Ardent’s portfolio, every new site will be updated and modified to adhere to this criteria. This is consistent with Northern Data Group’s and Ardent’s broader commitment to provide infrastructure that guarantees the least amount of environmental effect feasible from compute-intensive activities.

Starting with the impending development at Ardent Data Center‘s facilities around Northern Europe, Ardent will help its sister business and anchor tenant, Taiga Cloud, by providing additional infrastructure for its present and future NVIDIA H100 installations as part of this strategic expansion. Ardent would be essential to Taiga’s future growth as well.

“The rapid progress being made by the Ardent team will support Northern Data Group in providing the infrastructure required to fully capitalize on the vast opportunity in the HPC market,” said Aroosh Thillainathan, CEO at Northern Data Group. This is a further demonstration of our ability to relentlessly pursue growth opportunities, delivering value for stakeholders, and further establishes our position as a leader in this global industry.”