Are businesses aware enough of security risks? UKFast Data Security Round Table

Are businesses aware enough of security risks?
Are businesses savvy enough?

UKFast Data Security Round Table.

Fears for whether or not businesses are savvy enough to identify the risks and consequences of security attacks proved to be of great concern to Scott Nicholson, Security Risk Analyst from data firm IBM.
“It’s inevitable that organisations will experience a breach, but it’s how they’re able to contain or identify that breach.
“It’s no longer a matter of installing a firewall or an IDS or IPS, it’s how you can correlate all that data and try and detect the data tax and security architecture.”
Julian Stafford from The Midshire Group, spoke of his concern over the amount of personal data tech appliances in the office can hold, and that the biggest threat is the threat from inside an organisation.
“The ignorance is staggering in terms of the potential threats. The vast majority of people don’t know that the photocopier and printer in the office has a hard drive that stores every single document that’s ever gone through it.”
Phil Smith, of Encryption Box agreed: “It’s simple stuff that people don’t know.”

This week’s UKFast Round Table attendees were:

Julian Stafford, Midshire Business Systems
Scott Nicholson, IBM
Matt Gladwin, Genting Casinos
Andrew Powell, Price Waterhouse Coopers
Terry Greer-King, Cisco
Phil Smith, Encryption Box

And the round table was chaired by Jonathan Bowers of UKFast.

Duration: 3:41
Publisher: UKFast
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