Arelion to Establish New PoP at CRA DC Tower Data Centre in Prague

CRA - DC Tower

Arelion will set up a new PoP (Point of Presence) at the DC Tower Data Center in Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic. This will be the second Arelion network PoP in Prague as part of the company’s dedication to the area. The new network PoP offers direct access to the worldwide Arelion AS1299 IP backbone, as well as the company’s high-speed IP Transit, Cloud Connect, and Internet Exchange (IX) Connect services for content producers and businesses, supporting both the present and prospective increase in traffic.

The new Arelion network PoP would offer more capacity, stability, and options to those in need of IP services in the urban region, where traffic has increased as more customers use new services like streaming and more companies need better access to international cloud services.

“Increasing the number of PoPs that we have in Prague is an important step forward for businesses in the region, giving them greater choice over where to locate their services and join the internet backbone,” said Patrik Andreasson, Head of Sales Nordic, CEE, and Balkans at Arelion. “Our most recent IP services, combined with this implementation at the DC Tower Data Center, make it simpler than ever for businesses to connect to cloud services from organizations like Amazon Web Services, Google, and Microsoft and provide the finest experience for their own clients.”

The DC Tower

“Prague is a growing technology center, and one that we are proud to be a key part of,” said Petr Možiš, Chief Commercial Officer at the CRA DC Tower Data Centre. “With reduced delay and greater resilience for our clients, this new network PoP will enable us to support the ongoing expansion of the technology industry and the demand for data services among customers.”

The CRA DC Tower Data Centre is a state-of-the-art facility located in Prague, Czech Republic. It is owned and operated by CRA Group, which is a leading provider of data center services in the region.

The DC Tower, the highest structure in the Czech Republic and one of the biggest in all of Europe, is where the data center is located. It provides 3,500 square meters of IT area in total across nine levels, with individualized, high-density IT settings on each story. The building also has multiple cooling systems and two distinct power sources, guaranteeing optimum reliability and availability.

The CRA DC Tower Data Center’s high degree of protection is one of its most important characteristics. Modern security measures are used to safeguard the building, including fingerprint entry control, CCTV monitoring, and onsite security guards who are on duty around-the-clock. Additionally, it complies with global security standards like PCI DSS and ISO 27001.

The CRA DC Tower Data Centre provides a variety of value-added services, such as remote workers and controlled services, to help companies improve their IT operations in addition to its cutting-edge technology and security.