Arista Networks Expands 400G Capabilities, Unveils 7050X4 and 7060X Series

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Arista Expanded_400G_Series

Arista Networks (NYSE:ANET), a pioneer in data-driven networking, has introduced the next generation of their widely deployed 7050X and 7060X Series. It would offer clients of all sizes performance and cost benefits as they migrate to 400G networks.

The introduction of Arista’s 7050X4 Series and extension of its 7060X Series, in combination with the Arista 7280R3 / 7800R3, would provide a holistic and consistent solution for 400G at every tier of the network, delivering 400G to everyone while using Arista EOS for single image consistency.

The new solutions may help to speed up the deployment of next-generation networks for media and entertainment, streaming video, storage, and network tier collapse to increase performance while reducing complexity.

Driving Performance for Cloud

The all-new Arista 7388X5 system, which was unveiled at OCP 2021, builds on the modular system innovation of the 7368X4 and is compatible with the OCP Minipack2 specifications, “tripling performance while improving power efficiency by 30%.” The Arista 7388X5 shares Meta’s Minipack2 ambitions of supporting high density 200G and 400G lines in a variety of form factors. Arista provides a variety of operating systems with upgrades, as well as additional use cases with operational efficiency gains that would make cloud network architecture easier.

The Arista 7060X5 systems are the greatest density 400G alternatives for leaf-spine designs, leveraging the newest Broadcom 25.6Tbps silicon and providing next-generation performance at the lowest power consumption. The 7060DX5-64S offers 10.6Bpps and may be utilized in 100G, 200G, and 400G applications with up to 64 400G ports in 2U.

“We are seeing customers of all sizes show interest in the next generation of 400G systems that provide incremental improvements without sacrificing backward compatibility,” said Anshul Sadana, Chief Operating Officer at Arista Networks. “The Arista 7050X4 and 7358X4 are the latest in the long line of systems built around the Broadcom Trident chipsets that have delivered 20 times the performance increases over the last 10 years.”

Bringing 400G Innovation to the Enterprise

While boosting performance and cutting cost / Gb, the 7050X4 would deliver rich and consistent capabilities and critical advancements for instrumentation and telemetry. Large company and service provider clients may take advantage of 400G with the 7050X4 Series 32 x 400G and 7358X4 Series 128 x 100G / 32 x 400G systems.

The new technologies would allow for a seamless transition to increased performance without disrupting current infrastructures, while doubling network capacity over the previous generation. The 7358X4’s components are all field replaceable, simplifying deployment and utilizing the same common equipment and modules as the Arista 7368X4 Series, expediting the migration to 400G data center networks with up to 32 400G ports in 4RU with pay-as-you-grow flexibility.

The 7050X4 and 7358X4 feature:

  • Enhanced network telemetry to detect and address congestion hotspots in real time
  • Traffic management enhancements tuned for RoCE and NVMEoF workloads
  • Support for 10G to 400G to ease the transition to higher performance compute


Arista’s new 7050X4 and 7358X4 systems are available in Q1 2022. The 7050X4 system is available in a choice of two port configurations supporting 32 ports of 400G OSFP or QSFP-DD in 1RU. The 7358X4 modular system provides a choice of 25G, 100G and 400G ports.

Arista 7060X5 and 7388X5 doubles performance from the 7060X4 and 7368X4 in a choice of form factors:

  • 64 x 400G in 2U fixed or 128 x 200G in 4U modular systems.
  • Increase network radix by a factor of 2 or allow the migration to 200G.

The 7388X5 and 7060X5 systems will be available in 1H 2022, with client testing currently in progress.