With the launch of Arista CloudEOS, Arista Networks delivers two new offerings that solve critical networking challenges in multi cloud and cloud native environments. This would enable an “enterprise-grade” networking experience with consistent segmentation, telemetry, monitoring, provisioning and troubleshooting from campus to data center to cloud.

“Watching a client deploy hundreds of networks, across multiple cloud providers, in minutes without ever touching a network CLI is magical,” said Douglas Gourlay, vice president and general manager of cloud networking software for Arista Networks. “CloudEOS simplifies networking for any cloud environment, securely, declaratively, and elastically.”

Arista CloudEOS provides two key capabilities:

  • CloudEOS Multi Cloud – a “high-performance” virtual machine that normalizes the network connectivity to and between public clouds. This would simplify the networking operating model for cloud and network operations while enabling declarative software-based provisioning through popular DevOps tools.
  • CloudEOS Cloud Native – an instance of EOS deployed as a Kubernetes Container Network Interface or stand-alone Kubernetes container to provide a fully supported, “enterprise-grade” networking stack within Cloud Native environments

CloudEOS has native support for pay-as-you-go acquisition through Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP), and Microsoft Azure. This would enable elastic cost models for network connectivity: automatically scaling capacity with changes in real-time application demand. It is completely provisioned in software through a declarative model supporting DevOps tools such as Terraform.

CloudEOS automatically encrypts all traffic traversing public links and automatically exchanges and rotates IPSEC keys to ensure encrypted transport at the highest security levels.


Douglas Gourlay
“CloudEOS simplifies networking for any cloud environment, securely, declaratively, and elastically,” said Douglas Gourlay, vice president and general manager of cloud networking software for Arista Networks.

CloudEOS Cloud Native brings a fully supported network stack to container deployments as part of a Kubernetes cluster. By providing the same operational experience as the physical and virtual networks, CloudEOS Cloud Native would allow teams to use the same tools that are used in the rest of the network.

 CloudEOS supports a network segmentation mode that extends the reach of network segmentation from the campus to the data center to the public cloud, all based on proven open standards. Network operators no longer need to deploy completely different and orthogonal technologies to solve segmentation and traffic separation in the data center, the campus, or in the public cloud environments.

CloudEOS dynamically and automatically redirects traffic across the most effective and efficient networking paths available. The redirecting process is based on real-time topology and traffic measured through in-band telemetry as well as the actual billing model of each link.

Each CloudEOS instance, whether deployed in the public cloud to connect virtual private clouds, at the edge of the public cloud to allocate bandwidth across critical links, or deployed into a Kubernetes host, would enable a consistent network operating model and experience.


Arista CloudEOS is available on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure immediately and on Google Cloud Platform (GCP) within the next quarter. CloudVision 2019 is available and shipping today and provides a clustered management plane for the entire network.

CloudEOS infographic
CloudEOS infographic