Arista Networks Introduces Its WAN Routing System

Arista Networks

Arista Networks has launched their Arista WAN Routing System, an integrated networking solution aimed at simplifying and enhancing customer wide area networks. The system combines enterprise-class routing platforms, carrier/cloud-neutral Internet transit capabilities, and the CloudVision Pathfinder Service to modernize federated and software-defined wide area networks.

With the Arista WAN Routing System, customers can deploy a consistent networking architecture across all enterprise network domains with a single instance of EOS, a consistent management platform, and a modern operating model.

One of the key components of the Arista WAN Routing System is the CloudVision Pathfinder Service, which modernizes WAN management and provisioning, aligning the operating model with visualization and orchestration across all network transport domains. This would enable a shift from legacy CLI configuration to a model where configuration and traffic engineering are automatically generated, tested, and deployed, resulting in a self-healing network. The CloudVision Pathfinder Service enables customers to visualize the entire network, from the client to the campus, the cloud, and the data center.

The WAN Routing System would also require modern platforms to interconnect campus, data center, and edge networks, as well as upstream carriers and Internet-based services. The Arista 5000 Series of WAN Platforms, powered by Arista EOS, would offer high-performance control and data-plane scaling fit-to-purpose for enterprise-class WAN edge and aggregation requirements. Supporting 1/10/100GbE interfaces and flexible network modules, while delivering from 5Gb to over 50Gbps of bidirectional AES256 encrypted traffic with high VRF and tunnel scale, the Arista 5000 Series sets the standard for aggregation and critical site interconnect.

The WAN Routing System also embraces a new implementation of the traditional WAN core – the Transit Hub. These are physical or virtual routed WAN systems deployed in carrier-neutral and cloud-neutral facilities with dense telecommunications interconnections. Arista has worked with Equinix to develop virtual and physical implementations of the Arista WAN Routing System that are globally deployable in Equinix International Business Exchange (IBX) data centers. This enables customers to access a distributed WAN core leveraging multi-carrier and multi-cloud transit options – all provisioned through the CloudVision Pathfinder Service.

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Arista - WAN_Routing_System_Architecture-with_CVP

Customer Trial and Deployment

The Arista WAN Routing system is in active customer trials and deployments, with general availability scheduled for the summer of 2023. The WAN Routing System components include the Arista 5510 WAN Routing System for high-performance aggregation, transit hub deployment, and critical site routing, the Arista 5310 WAN Routing System for high-performance edge routing, Arista CloudEOS software for transit hub and scale-out routing in a virtual machine form factor, and Arista CloudEOS, delivered through the public cloud for Cloud Edge and Cloud Transit routing. The CloudVision Pathfinder Service and CloudVision support for the Arista WAN Routing System are in field trials now and will generally be available in the second half of 2023.

The Arista WAN Routing System aims to provide customers with a consistent networking architecture across all enterprise network domains, from the client to campus to the data center to multi-cloud, with a single instance of EOS, a consistent management platform, and a modern operating model.

According to Jason Gintert, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at WAN Dynamics, “The software quality and features within the system are ideal for enterprise network architectures embracing modern distributed application architectures across a blend of edge, campus, data center, cloud and SaaS environments.