Arista Networks Launches 7130 Series for Enhanced 25G Networking

Arista Networks - 7130 Serie

The latest generation 7130 Series for ultra-low latency switching, which speeds up 25G networking, has been unveiled by Arista Networks. Arista is meeting the demands for 25G market data distribution and High-Frequency Trading (HFT) settings with three new 25G optimized systems, improved performance optics, 25G ready FPGA applications, and improvements to the FDK (FPGA Development Kit).

For more than ten years, High-Frequency Trading markets have been using 10G for their exchanges and trading connections. Since the earliest 7100 series to the most recent 7130 systems, Arista Networks has provided “cutting-edge” equipment essential for applications at 10G to clients including exchanges, trading businesses, brokers, and other financial institutions. Higher bandwidth solutions are needed now since 10G infrastructure is no longer able to meet the exponential growth in market data volumes, according to Arista.

“ASX has led numerous innovations in the equities and options markets over the years. As market data volumes increase, further innovation is required for exchange access,” said Nicholas Rakebrandt, Head of Networks at ASX. “The ability to provide 25G Ethernet improves network capacity, reduces the impact of microbursts, and minimizes queuing delays. The Arista 7130 series 25G portfolio supports familiar low latency applications, and the optimized 25G optics minimize end-to-end latency. These products help enable the next generation of exchange connectivity.”

Customers may migrate networks to 25G Ethernet while preserving backward compatibility with current 10G solutions thanks to Arista’s new 7130 Series 25G equipment. According to Arista, by lowering queuing, serialization delays, and the need for Forward Error Correction (FEC), networks may be made 2.5 times quicker by using Arista 7130 Series 25G solutions with Arista‘s increased performance transceivers for 25G and 100G.

“With off-the-shelf and customizable support for timestamp formats, packet retrieval, APIs, and packet analysis, integration is at the core of FMADIO solutions,” said Aaron Foo, Founder and CEO of FMADIO. “FMADIO manufactures and supports enterprise-grade appliances with the ability of full line rate 10G, 25G, 40G, and 100G packet capture to disk. As exchanges and trading businesses transition to 25G ultra-low latency solutions, Arista’s platform easily combines all these needs.”

7130 Series Switches

The three new 7130 Series switching systems handle micro-bursts and ever-growing market data volumes by “reducing connection latency by 2.5x and boosting bandwidth.”

7132LB – SwitchApp provides ultra-low latency of 150 ns for L3 forwarding at 25 Gigabit Ethernet.

7135LB – Integrated Layer 1 fabric with packet buffering and exact timestamping from Arista MetaWatch, with 10G and 25G switching.

7130B-32YD – High-density Layer 1 switch with 256 connections and 25GbE capability.

Upgraded versions of the Arista-developed FPGA programs, MetaWatch (precise timestamping), MultiAccess (fast aggregation and filtering), and MetaMux (aggregation) are available to support 25G systems. The Arista FPGA Developer’s Kit (FDK) offers a wide range of API updates, including a 25GbE MAC, to facilitate the creation of customized FPGA applications.

The future of market data and high-frequency trading is on high-speed 25G Ethernet networks, according to Arista Networks. By combining high-performance optics with an entire suite of ultra-low latency infrastructure, including Layer 1/Layer 2/Layer 3 switching, multiplexing, and picosecond granular timestamping optimized for 25G, market data participants and venues can move to the next generation of low latency trading networks.


For uniformity in daily operations, the latest models in the 7130 Series switches are completely integrated with Arista EOS and CloudVision. To facilitate the creation of bespoke applications, they are packed with an extensive FDK. Users may get the FPGA-only L2/3 switch, model number 7132LB, right now. The Arista 7130B Series, which has a 25G Ethernet speed, will be orderable in Q1 ’24, while the Arista 7135 Series (FPGA switch with Layer 1) is scheduled for orderability in Q4 ’23.