Arista Networks Unveils 2 New Switches

At Interop in New York, Arista Networks has announced two new additions to the Arista 7000 family of switches. The Arista 7050QX-32 and 7050SX-128 will offer new levels of density, performance and scalability.

Arista 7050 switch

The Arista 7050QX-32 and 7050SX-128 offer 32 x 40GbE or 96 x 10GbE and 8 x 40GbE wire speed ports respectively. The compact 1 or 2 Rack unit form-factor, ultra low-latency, VXLAN and NVGRE capability, and high power efficiency make the 7050X ideal leaf switches for high density compute and storage racks.

The new Arista EOS applications, Path Tracer and MapReduce Tracer, give customers deeper visibility for big data and cloud network applications while maintaining an open, standards-based consistency. All new products are available immediately.

Big data applications

The new tracers complement existing health and network virtualization offerings for a full suite of Arista EOS Network Telemetry applications. Path Tracer provides end-to-end visibility into Layer 3 ECMP (equal cost multi-path routing) networks, proactively detecting, logging and reacting to gathered information. Arista EOS MapReduce Tracer provides correlation between big data applications and directly connected nodes to assist with discovery, troubleshooting and performance tuning of the network.

With Arista EOS software, customers and partners have access to open controller APIs. This controller-friendly approach gives Arista customers a full ecosystem of SDN (software defined-network) partners to work with in building programmable, self-healing networks. The Arista 7050X Series of switches builds on the toolsets provided by Arista Network Tracers and encapsulation technologies such as VXLAN, to enable designs based on the Arista Universal Network Architecture for physical and virtual workloads.