ARM Chip Maker Calxeda Has Closed its Office, Starts Restructuring Process

Over the last few years, industry pioneer Calxeda has been a driving force for low power server processors and fabric-based computing. The concept of a fabric of ARM-based servers was challenging industry giants, but now Calxeda seems to bite the dust. The company has sent home almost all of its 130 employees and has begun a restructuring process.

The EnergyCore ECX-2000 family would be a good fit for cloud-based game hosting, media streaming, and throughput-oriented private clouds.

“Unfortunately,  carrying the load of industry pioneer has exceeded our ability to continue to operate as we had envisioned, and so Calxeda has begun a restructuring process,” the company states on its website. “During this process, we remain committed to our customer’s success with ECX-2000 projects that are now underway.”

Pretesting by DreamHost

“Calxeda is proud of what we have accomplished, the partners who have collaborated with us, the investors who supported us, and the visionary customers who have encouraged us and inspired us along the way,” the company added. “We will update you as we conclude our restructuring process. In the meantime, we want to thank you personally for your interest and enthusiastic support. It has been an amazing journey.”

Recently, Calxeda’s second-generation product line, the EnergyCore ECX-2000 family was pretested by DreamHost. The hosting provider was impressed with the test-results of the new core.