Arm Neoverse CPUs Adopted by Google Cloud


Cloud service providers are progressively trying to redefine performance and potential in cloud computing on Arm as a result of the cloud’s ongoing transformation. The most recent illustration of this is Google Cloud, which has adopted the Arm Neoverse platform through the recently launched Tau T2A VMs.

Users of Google Cloud now have access to Tau T2A VMs, powered by the Ampere Altra CPU with an Arm Neoverse N1 core. Cost efficiency, energy efficiency, and performance advantages of the Neoverse platform are already well known, according to Google Cloud. Significant advantages of the new Tau T2A VMs, including “outstanding single-threaded performance, an attractive price, and widespread support from OS systems, ISVs, and Google Cloud services,” are now being driven by those performance-per-watt advantages.

Google Cloud has also joined the Works on Arm program, guaranteeing that developers can create, test, and optimize apps on the Arm architecture without charge for a trial period.

Meeting Cloud Sustainability Objectives

Neoverse was founded on the principle that all cloud computing should be effective, efficient, and sustainable. According to Google Cloud, modern CPU designs like Arm are essential for accelerating cloud adoption and lowering carbon emissions, enabling enterprises to meet challenging sustainability objectives.

With products for smartphones, wearables, laptops, IoT devices, 5G equipment, and now cloud servers, Arm has led the way in high-performance, energy-efficient computing. The long-standing partnership between Arm and Google Cloud now includes building a cleaner cloud with Tau T2A VMs, enabling ultra-low power machine learning (ML) at the edge with tinyML, and improving user experiences on Android. All of this is done while working to raise the bar for security from the edge to the cloud.