Armis Chooses Radware to Protect Its AWS Cloud Environment

Armis, a provider of unified asset visibility and security platforms, has chosen Radware’s Cloud Native Protector solution to protect its AWS cloud environment. Radware’s technology helped this born-in-the-cloud company strengthen its cloud security posture and uncover possible vulnerabilities before they became threats.

Armis’ security platform allows businesses to utilize and operate IoT and other unmanaged devices without risk of being hacked. Headquartered in Palo Alto, California, Armis needed a solution that would provide complete visibility and management of its public cloud environment to its DevOps team.

Radware was chosen to make it simpler for the company’s staff to manage assets remotely, supervise access to critical resources, and detect suspicious activity.

Radware (NASDAQ: RDWR) is a provider of cyber security and application delivery solutions for physical, cloud, and software-defined data centers throughout the world.

Armis stated that the visibility and control over its public cloud environment are improved thanks to Radware’s solution. It would help Armis prioritize its efforts by automating manual examination and notifying it of any publicly exposed assets or prospective intrusions.

“The Radware team understands that we are a dynamic company with requirements that are constantly changing,” said Roi Amitay, head of DevInfra at Armis. “Radware’s Cloud Native Protector plays an essential role in securing our cloud environment. It helps us see our full cloud picture and focus on what matters most. Radware provides trusted products and support, making this the best solution for our company.”

Cloud Visibility and Governance

“Cloud-native companies like Armis have unique and constantly shifting security requirements that need specialized solutions,” said Gilad Barzilay, director of public cloud sales at Radware. “Our Cloud Native Protector not only secures Armis’ cloud workloads but also is continually assessing risks and improving visibility and governance of their cloud.”

Radware’s Cloud Native Protector is an agentless solution that gives AWS and Microsoft Azure workloads and accounts centralized visibility and reporting. Its 360-degree centralized dashboard displays warnings from all accounts and clouds, with risk-prioritized alerting so security teams know which alerts to prioritize first.

Cloud Native Protector detects and avoids public exposure of public facing assets, cloud security misconfigurations, excessive permissions, and malicious behavior in the cloud using a multi-layered approach that covers the cloud’s overall security posture as well as risks to particular workloads.