Armored Cloud Unveils Desktop Obfuscation and Managed Attribution for Enterprise Workspaces

Enterprise level obfuscation and managed attribution – appearing to be somewhere you are not online, thus masking your true location – is a critical cyber security need for global organizations, according to Armored Cloud. This challenge can be solved with the non-persistent virtual connections available through Armored Cloud’s new Virtual Desktop Interface (VDI). 

Every online activity – webpages visited, forms filled out, purchases made, and applications used, is actively and passively stored on a user’s local hard drive and used primarily by advertisers to deliver targeted ad content.

However, this digital footprint is no longer being used solely by ad networks, but has become a prime target for hackers, crooks, and those looking to profit illegally from a user’s online presence.

armored cloud vdiAs applied to the enterprise, a user’s uncontrolled digital exhaust and traceable footprint can lead hackers directly to valuable corporate assets. According to Armored Cloud, controlling digital exhaust and managing online attribution can be achieved by either hiding a user’s source and location or by broadcasting a false source and location. Traditional solutions to this problem, like Tor and other one-hop proxies, can be traced by today’s sophisticated hackers and carry predictable performance challenges.

“These days, the only real solution to remove an employee’s digital footprint and contain or obfuscate their digital exhaust is through a strict policy of managed attribution and non-persistent computing,” said Michael Howland, CEO of Armored Cloud. “In order to truly secure enterprise assets, a multi-nodal, secure infrastructure must be put in place that offers the necessary performance required for a user to perform their daily job without suffering the latency blues.” 

Demos and trials of Armored Cloud’s new Virtual Desktop Interface (VDI) are available to qualified organizations and businesses.