Aruba ESP Provides New Advancements for Enterprises Using Edge-to-Cloud Security

Aruba Networks

Enterprises can now accelerate WAN and security transportation, IoT adoption, and advance cloud due to a Zero Trust and SASE approach provided by Aruba ESP.

Aruba is a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company and they have now introduced cross-portfolio edge-to-cloud security integrations for Aruba ESP. The advancements announced include the integration of Aruba Thread Defenses with EdgeConnect, along with the integration of the ClearPass Policy Manager with the Aruba EdgeConnect SD-WAN edge platform, which used to be called Silver Peak.

Enterprise customers now have the freedom to deploy cloud-delivered SASE security components they prefer. The announcement is expected to help enterprises fast-track the journey from edge-to-cloud, as well.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many organizations are dealing with new challenges with the work from anywhere normality. Cloud-hosing services have become more in demand and enterprises have been challenged to move to cloud hosting faster. The urgency for enterprises to move from conventional data centers and VPN networks to a cloud-native SASE option with secure network services is palpable.

Digital Transformation Leading to More IoT Device Connectivity

On the other side of the coin, the digital transformation is causing a large increase in IoT devices needing to be connected to the network. This presents plenty of new issues not currently addressed with cloud security. IT departments don’t have the resources or ability to install security clients or redirect traffic to cloud security services quickly. The Zero Trust security has to be used at the WAN edge for these enterprises.

New WAN edge combining cloud-delivered security and on-premises security offers a solution for enterprises looking to realize the complete potential of the cloud. The new Aruba ESP integrations were just announced, but enterprise customers can already use granular-level, identity-based security from edge-to-cloud safely to protect devices and users.

Growing Emphasis on SASE

A firm called 650 Group recently reported a growing emphasis on SASE has been found with enterprises. Due to the current evolution of technology, many enterprises have to re-examine the type of security approach they are using. Multi-vendor cloud-delivered security services have become more popular as enterprises are shifting towards SASE and Zero Trust. Aruba is offering an approach to provide a balance between on-premise security at the WAN edge and the freedom to integrate cloud-delivered security services from several partners including Check Point, Zscaler, and Netscope.

This multi-vendor strategy allows for flexibility and provides enterprises with the best-of-breed system they prefer.

About Aruba

A Hewlett Packard Enterprise company, Aruba is known as a global leader when it comes to intelligent edge-to-cloud networking solutions using artificial intelligence to create an automated network. Aruba ESP provides a cloud-native approved to allow customers to meet security, connectivity, and financial requirements across a data center, remote worker environment, branch, or campus.

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