Asian Internet Exchange Provider, INTERNET MULTIFEED, Scales Metro Backbone with Coriant Groove G30 DCI Platform

INTERNET MULTIFEED, an Internet Exchange (IX) provider and operator of the Japan Network Access Point (JPNAP), has deployed the Coriant Groove G30 DCI Platform to scale its backbone network as end-user demand for Internet content drives growth in data traffic.

The Coriant Groove G30 DCI Platform is a stackable transport solution for cloud, data center, and IX networks that would deliver 3.2 Tbps of capacity throughput in a highly compact, power-efficient 1RU form factor.

The solution enables 10G, 40G, and 100G services with a three-tier modular concept for capacity growth that includes differentiated pay-as-you grow service planning and rollout. Powered by Coriant CloudWave Optics, the Groove G30 would support software programmable and highly scalable DWDM line rates (100G/150G/200G) that enable operators to maximize cost-efficiency and performance transmission in a broad range of metro, regional, and long haul DCI applications.

JPNAP selected the Coriant Groove G30 DCI solution for its “high density, low power consumption, ease of operation, and short delivery lead time, as well as its ability to meet the high-availability, high-quality service demands of JPNAP customers, including Tier 1 service providers, Internet Content Providers (ICPs), cloud providers, and large enterprises.”


coriant sdn network solutionsThe JPNAP backbone deployment utilizes 200G coherent optical transmission and supports a broad range of end-user services, including 100G client-side services that can be deployed quickly, easily, and cost-efficiently.

“Tokyo represents one of the most challenging Internet exchange environments with its extremely high levels of broadband penetration and a vibrant and growing Internet content industry that is increasingly attractive to Asia’s ISPs,” said Katsuyasu Toyama, Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President of INTERNET MULTIFEED/JPNAP, and Chairperson of the Asia Pacific Internet Exchange (APIX) association. “These trends have led to a significant rise in large-volume exchange traffic and more stringent service performance requirements. As we scaled our backbone network, we needed a best-in-class product purpose-built for these interconnect challenges. The Coriant G30 proved the ideal solution by allowing us to provide faster and more reliable high-speed services in the most cost-efficient, compact, and flexible manner.”

The Coriant Groove G30 DCI solution was successfully deployed with the support of local channel partner UNIADEX, a subsidiary of network integration and communications systems provider, Nihon Unisys.

“Internet exchange operators around the world are under ever-increasing pressure as traffic demands at exchange points explode and competition for interconnect services intensifies,” said Dion Leung, Vice President of DCI Business Development, APAC, Coriant. “By combining the best density and lowest power consumption with a modular design optimized for pay-as-you-grow scalability and simplified operations, the Groove G30 DCI solution is redefining IX architectures and giving providers like JPNAP the cost-effective tools to capitalize on market opportunities.”

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