Asperitas, a specialist provider in immersion cooling, anticipates the expansion of its technical department by promoting Andy Young to the position of Chief Technology Officer (CTO). Before this he was working in the capacity of Director of Research and Development for the data center liquid cooling technology provider.

Andy Young brings with him the expertise gained from his tenure at Ansys and Iceotope where he held decisive job positions. With his deep subject knowledge in immersion technology and management capabilities, Andy has been instrumental in growing customer engagements that helped the data center liquid cooling company to expand significantly. The job role of CTO would enable Mr. Young to propel the company’s growth in the foreseeable future.

Andy Young said “I am thrilled to have this opportunity to lead the engineering team at Asperitas, working at a more strategic level within the company. We are growing from strength to strength through delivering high-performance solutions whilst addressing the challenges faced with performance, carbon emissions, and water-use reduction. I am proud to head up a team that provides such highly experienced service and support for our customers.”

Planned Talent Recruitment

During the last year, Asperitas has increased its team strength by recruiting high-skills talent in the core departments including engineering, technology, management, and commercial departments.

Photo Andy Young, the newly appointed CTO of Asperitas
“I am thrilled to have this opportunity to lead the engineering team at Asperitas, working at a more strategic level within the company,” said Andy Young, the newly appointed CTO of Asperitas.

The planned talent recruitment drive for key positions delivered significant results like French bank Crédit Agricole deal wins and the success of the Shell High-Performance Computing cluster in their Amsterdam data center. Asperitas has substantial growth plans for the coming year. To support these growth plans, the company has released vacancies for high-end positions including that of Solutions Architect.

Asperitas Founder and CEO Rolf Brink said “I am excited to be sharing the scale-up news, which has been a product of lots of diligent, hard work. The Asperitas vision is that to make the data center industry sustainable, integration within the global energy transition is vital, and our recent successes have brought us that bit closer to achieving an energy-neutral data center industry. Overall, sustainability is central to everything we do, and we will not lose sight of our commitment.”

Asperitas has been working towards reducing the high energy costs and carbon footprint of data centers and simultaneously enhancing performance and productivity. A wider and rich talent force will enable them to achieve these objectives and catering to its enterprise customers the company needs. Interested candidates can apply at the company’s career department email.

About Asperitas

Headquartered in Amsterdam, Asperitas is a Dutch high-tech scale-up that has developed a technology that utilizes its in-house developed Immersed Computing – an immersion liquid cooling technology to promote sustainable functioning of data centers. The company has been a winner at the international New Energy Challenge competition organized by Shell, Rockstart, and YES!Delft in 2018. The May 2020 paper on Transformational Energy Innovations of the last 10 years published by the World Economic Forum recognized Asperitas as a data center energy efficiency solution.

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