Adds CodeGuard Powered Cloud Backup to Its Web Hosting Offering, a New York-based web hosting company that specializes in Windows and ASP.NET-based hosting, has launched its new Cloud Backup service powered by CodeGuard. The optional solution would offer a simple yet powerful interface so customers can have customer’s website backup’s setup in minutes.

In addition to backing up customers’ site, CodeGuard monitors customers’ websites for changes and will alert customers when those changes occur. This feature can help customers proactively get ahead of a potentially devastating situation should customers’ website ever become compromised.

web-hostingAnother interesting feature of CodeGuard would be the frequency in which backups are taken. Initially, an entire backup is taken of ASPHostPortal customers’ website. Once the initial backup is taken, additional backups are only taken on a file-by-file basis when files are changed. This is done automatically. This means customers will truly have backups of what customers need while reducing the amount of overly redundant backups, which can be costly and confusing to deal with.

New York, London

“When you sign up with CodeGuard, you provide it the necessary credentials in order to access your data and take a complete backup,” said Dean Thomas, Manager at “After that point, it regularly monitors your server for any changes. Any time CodeGuard detects a change (files being added, removed, or modified), it then takes an incremental backup and sends you an email to inform you of the fact.”

Last August, launched its first data center in London. The new data center has room for more than 10,000 physical servers, and allows customers to meet their UK data residency requirements.