At CloudFest 2022, Virtuozzo Demonstrates New PaaS for WordPress

This week, cloud platform pioneer Virtuozzo will be showcasing two “never-before-seen solutions” at CloudFest 2022 in Rust, Germany. The new offerings include the PaaS-focused Virtuozzo Application Platform for WordPress, and Virtuozzo Hybrid Server Lite.

These new solutions are meant to assist service providers in bringing modern cloud-based solutions to market that address “long-ignored” market demands.

Virtuozzo executives will provide two keynote speeches explaining the current market trends and environment creating the demand for such services, framing their value proposition. The sessions will also cover practical tactics for service providers to integrate and implement new technologies in ways that enable them to gain a competitive advantage while expanding their business.

CloudFest 2022 attendees may visit Virtuozzo, a platinum event sponsor, at Stand C01 at Europa-Park, Germany, from March 22 to 24. A unique on-site offer will also provide service providers with six months of free license for key solutions exhibited during the conference.

Cloud Services Development

Alex Fine, CEO at Virtuozzo
“There was an inherent promise in the beginning that cloud would be easy. Accessible to all. In reality, that is not how things panned out,” said Alex Fine, CEO at Virtuozzo.

Over the last several years, Virtuozzo has intentionally evolved to fill a contentious niche in the cloud enablement market. The most frequent routes to the cloud would rely on hyperscaler or enterprise-centric systems that are inflexible, expensive, and difficult to operate for non-technical end users. Many firms, particularly small and medium-sized enterprises, are at a disadvantage as a result of this, according to Virtuozzo. This is when Virtuozzo enters the picture.

“There was an inherent promise in the beginning that cloud would be easy. Accessible to all. In reality, that is not how things panned out,” said Alex Fine, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at Virtuozzo. “Virtuozzo is solving that problem through collaborative partnerships with service providers that empower them to become full-service, alternative cloud providers.”

Virtuozzo creates and distributes a comprehensive cloud platform stack designed specifically for service providers. This architecture would enable service providers to easily develop a broad range of cloud services that are simple to use, maintain, and grow. This would free them up to focus on areas where they can stand out, such as delivering unique solutions and capabilities or providing high-touch customer services.

Virtuozzo Keynote Presentations

March 22 at 3:45 PM CET – The Service Provider Landscape in 2022: Where is the Low-Hanging Fruit?

Carlos Rego, Virtuozzo’s Vice President of Strategic Development, addresses the roller coaster ride that has been the experience of hosting providers, MSPs and cloud providers over the past decade. He provides expert perspective on the complex landscape they currently operate in, how the industry is evolving, and how these service providers can strategically grow their businesses without overly taxing their operations.

March 23 at 4:40 PM CET – WordPress Hosting? It’s Time to Grow Up.

Carlos Rego will explain feasible revenue-generating alternatives surrounding the expanding $500 billion WordPress economy in his second talk. Service providers may enhance their companies while helping to update a vast ecosystem that can be argued is obsolete today, thanks to new PaaS capabilities via Virtuozzo Application Platform for WordPress, which target business-critical WordPress sites.