Atlanta, GA-based Summit Hosting Acquires Seattle-based Hosting Firm iNSYNQ

Summit HostingSummit Hosting, an Atlanta, GA-based provider of managed application cloud hosting in the US and Canada, has acquired cloud hosting provider iNSYNQ from Seattle. Summit Hosting expects that the acquisition of iNSYNQ’s business assets will take its cloud computing and Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) qualities to a new level.

The transaction would reinforce Summit Hosting’s position as a large managed application hosting provider in North America. The company offers a comprehensive suite of cloud solutions for small to medium-sized businesses. This includes QuickBooks, Sage and other managed business application hosting on dedicated servers.

“Over the past 20 years, iNSYNQ has built an incredible business empowering accounting professionals to do their jobs effectively,” said Stanley Kania, CEO of Summit Hosting. “This transaction continues Summit’s rapid and strategic growth, and expands Summit’s unmatched offerings for accounting professionals and SMBs looking for secure and reliable cloud solutions.”

Dedicated Servers North America

With Summit Hosting’s dedicated servers, iNSYNQ customers can now manage their own resources as well as install and integrate their own applications versus the limited capabilities offered by a shared web hosting environment. These customers can still access their applications and files remotely and collaborate with clients and employees from anywhere.

Stanley Kania
“Ensuring that former iNYNQ customers are able to now have their own dedicated server is going to be a game changer,” said Stanley Kania, CEO of Summit Hosting.

“iNSYNQ customers will have the option to move over to the Summit Hosting platform quickly, giving them the increased security, flexibility, and stability of their own dedicated server,” added Mr. Kania. “Ensuring that former iNYNQ customers are able to now have their own dedicated server is going to be a game changer.”

Summit Hosting was founded by Stanley Kania and Warren Patterson in 2016 through the merging of and Bringing these companies together and creating Summit Hosting has catapulted the business into becoming a leading cloud hosting provider for QuickBooks and Sage Programs in North America.

Summit Hosting will maintain its headquarters in Atlanta, GA and will now have several additional employees throughout Washington state.

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