Atlas Networks, a technology consulting firm from Sarasota, Florida, part of the AWS Partner Network, has unveiled a free cloud cost-optimization assessment – to help businesses reduce overspending on cloud infrastructure.

Through this consultation process, the Atlas Networks team provides customized solutions intended to generate increased IT efficiency and more predictable costs, without sacrificing the reliability of these critical cloud systems.

“Today, in the wake of COVID-19, many businesses have reduced staff and are pivoting to remote work. So, reduced overhead and cost savings – especially on technology solutions imperative to business operations – is increasingly important to companies of all sizes,” said Anand Pallegar, founder of Atlas Networks. “Identifying cost-savings and streamlining cloud investments is what our team does best.”

Cloud Consulting Services

Anand Pallegar
“Identifying cost-savings and streamlining cloud investments is what our team does best,” said Anand Pallegar, founder of Atlas Networks.

Launched in 2018, Atlas Networks was started with the desire to improve how consulting and cloud services are offered to enterprise organizations. The firm provides end-to-end cloud services, including cloud migration and the optimization of existing cloud infrastructure – all of which have become more relevant due to the current pandemic.

In addition to cloud consulting, Atlas Networks offers managed services and WebOps to help drive and stabilize internal IT teams. With over 85 years of combined expertise, the Atlas Networks team acts as an integrated partner that provides 24/7 technical support and the successful deployment, monitoring and smooth operation of mission-critical web applications.

“When it comes to successful client engagement, we strongly believe in a culture of continual collaboration, communication, and transparency to resolve issues, minimize downtime and deliver an optimized experience,” added Mr. Pallegar. “When it comes to critical IT infrastructure, we welcome the opportunity to provide some certainty and support to businesses in these uncertain times.”