Atmosera Launches Cloud Migration Service to Address Public Cloud Lock-In Concerns

Portland, Oregon-based company, Atmosera, has launched a new service that would make it easy to migrate from one public cloud to another including AWS to Azure and AWS to a private cloud. The new service would help overcome a vendor lock-in sometimes experienced on public clouds such as Amazon Web Services (AWS Cloud). 

The new cloud migration service is built on Microsoft Azure Site Recovery, which would provide a simple way to move applications and data without having to redevelop the underlying cloud infrastructure. Once the data is migrated, a new environment is implemented on a public or private cloud depending on the customer’s preferences and business requirements. 

aws cloudMoving off of AWS Cloud or another public cloud can be performed while the deployment stays in full production. Atmosera handles the setup and coordinates the migration including deploying a new environment in a public, private or hybrid Azure cloud.

Key capabilities of Atmosera’s comprehensive Cloud Migration service would include:

  • Planning and execution – leverage a skilled team who will prepare the existing cloud for migration, implement the necessary automated tools, and deploy the new target environment.
  • Automated migration – utilize highly automated capabilities to move application and configuration data off of the current cloud platform.
  • Minimize redevelopment – move applications and data without recoding.
  • Stay fully operational – perform the migration without impacting the existing environment until a cut over can be performed.
  • End to end security and compliance – guarantee the new environment adheres to information security industry best practices and meets regulatory and compliance mandates, including HIPAA/HITECH and PCI DSS.
  • Hybrid cloud solution – deploy the migrated applications and data into a new solution which can combine a mix of on-premise servers, hosted environments and public Azure clouds.

“Many companies feel trapped by their current public cloud vendor and unable to take advantage of an increasing amount of compelling alternatives,” said Scott Harvey, Atmosera’s Vice President of Engineering. “AWS offers a rich set of options but is not always the best suited solution for certain customer needs, especially for those seeking to use a private cloud. Atmosera brings automated tools to ease the process of breaking the vendor lock-in and enable the move to another cloud type and provider.”