atNorth Joins FDCA, Bolsters Finnish Data Center Growth and Sustainability

The Finnish Data Center Association (FDCA) has welcomed atNorth, a Nordic supplier of high-performance computing, artificial intelligence, and colocation services. The association’s goals are to improve the industry’s processes’ sustainability and uniformity while also supporting Finland’s rapidly expanding data center ecosystem.

atNorth opened a third location with a capacity of 25 MW in Q3 2024 after acquiring two data centers in Helsinki, Finland, in January. atNorth says it will continue to make investments in Finland to meet the considerable demand for its services. AtNorth may exchange information and help the nation’s digital economy grow by becoming a member of the FDCA.

Fredrik Jansson, Chief Strategy & Marketing/Communications Officer of atNorth
“The demand for affordable and environmentally conscious infrastructure will undoubtedly increase,” said Fredrik Jansson, Chief Strategy & Marketing/Communications Officer of atNorth.

By creating and funding international standards, best practices, and ensuring that sustainability rules are followed, the FDCA seeks to promote the advantages of investing in the Finnish data center market and maintain the quality of the sector. The current membership comprises of carriers, government organizations, ICT providers, hyperscalers, local and worldwide data center service providers, and standards groups.

“It gives us great pleasure to welcome atNorth to the FDCA,” said FDCA board member Mikko Aho. “A new operator joining the expanding Finnish data center industry is a really good development. This ongoing investment confirms that the Nordic region is a great place to put IT workloads. We anticipate a fruitful collaboration because of atNorth‘s expertise and experience running exceptional, sustainable data centers, which will benefit the industrial cluster.

Data Center Sites in Finland

Fredrik Jansson, Chief Strategy & Marketing/Communications Officer of atNorth, stated, “We are delighted to join the Finnish Data Center Association. The ideal environmental conditions in Finland, along with the rest of the Nordic region have propelled the rapid expansion of the data center industry and, as energy prices continue to be sky high outside the Nordics, the demand for affordable and environmentally conscious infrastructure will undoubtedly increase.”

“For the last ten months, atNorth has been running operational data center sites in Finland,” added Mr. Jansson. “We understand that the nation needs bigger mega sites. In response, we are developing our FIN02 site and are actively looking for appropriate property for other campuses that would qualify as ‘mega sites.’ As part of our commitment to keep investing in the Finnish data center sector, we want to make sure that talent and top-notch infrastructure are available to meet demand, with a focus on strong sustainability standards.

With an eighth site scheduled to launch in Helsinki, Finland in Q3 2024 and a ninth site scheduled to open in Denmark in Q4 2024, atNorth now runs seven data centers in key locations around the Nordic region.

AtNorth’s data centers prioritize sustainability by using renewable energy sources and adhering to the concepts of the circular economy. All atNorth locations would enable long-term infrastructure and adaptable colocation deployments by using innovative architecture, energy efficiency, and intelligent operations. atNorth is based in Reykjavik, Iceland. The company was established in 2009, while in 2022 it was acquired by Partners Group.