Atos joins Catena-X: The Automotive Industry Network

Catena-X, an open, scalable European network based on the GAIA-X cloud infrastructure initiative, has welcomed Atos as a member. Catena-X aims to enable secure cross-company data exchange across the automotive industry to improve efficiency, accelerate innovation, and decarbonization, and thus strengthen the European automotive industry’s competitiveness.

As part of Catena-X, Atos, a founding member of GAIA-X and a member of its Board of Directors, will join leading automotive manufacturers and suppliers, dealer associations, and equipment suppliers, including BMW AG, Deutsche Telekom AG, Robert Bosch GmbH, SAP SE, Siemens AG, ZF Friedrichshafen AG, Mercedes-Benz AG, and Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft.

Catena-X members will collaborate to choose and develop scalable, system-relevant use cases. The Catena-X pilot projects are focused on five areas of application that can considerably help to enhance efficiency and improve sustainability along future value chains with the support of such a networked data infrastructure. Quality management, logistics, maintenance, supply chain management, and sustainability are the five areas.

“We are convinced that the automotive industry is important for Europe in post-COVID recovery, and a fast pivot to digital ecosystems will ensure the financial stability of this sector’s entire ecosystem.” said Pierre Barnabé, Global Head of Manufacturing Industry at Atos. “We are excited to bring our unique global expertise and experience to this network and to work closely with the other members to help establish the first data-driven value chain for the automotive industry. In particular, given our expertise in decarbonized digital and our own Net Zero 2028 ambition, we are very keen to support the early use cases focusing on decarbonization.”

Atos has a unique set of skills and experience that would fit the automotive industry needs, including:

  • Expertise in European data frameworks & platforms – Atos is a founding member of GAIA-X and the International Data Spaces Association (IDSA) X, as well as a member of the FIWARE foundation. In terms of data protection, data sovereignty, and interoperability, the concepts of the latter two will serve as the foundation for Catena-X.
  • End-to-end portfolio of solutions to assist in determining the best platform for each Catena-X use case, such as the BullSequana Edge server (opens PDF in new window) and the Atos Digital Hub platform, an accelerator for creating ecosystem platforms
  • Proven expertise in the global automotive industry – having worked on global complex projects with a range of automotive manufacturers.
  • European leader in cloud, cybersecurity and high-performance computing to support Catena-X develop across Europe – Atos brings its global experience and expertise in cloud computing with around 7,000 Cloud experts and 30,000 application experts worldwide supported by Atos OneCloud, a unique initiative to pro-actively accelerate  clients’ migration to the cloud through a one-stop shop offering industry specific go-to-market and organization.
  • Atos Scientific Community and Expert Community – communities of 165 and 3,000 top scientists and experts will support the vision and implementation of Catena-X.
  • Decarbonization – Atos has a dedicated team of consultants to help develop use cases that will reduce CO2 emissions across the entire supply chain and those that will enable a transition to a circular economy and accelerate sustainability, such as optimizing production planning, development, and operations with Digital Twin technology. With the recent acquisition of international recognized climate strategy consulting firm EcoAct, Atos now has a dedicated team of consultants to help develop use cases that will enable a transition to a circular economy and accelerate sustainability, such as optimizing production planning, development and operations with Digital Twin technology.

Earlier this year, Atos teamed up with other industry leaders in the automotive and technology sectors to form ‘Software République,’ a new open ecosystem for intelligent and sustainable mobility that aims to develop and market systems and software to provide cities, regions, businesses, and citizens with an enriched and sustainable mobility offer. The Catena-X network may offer a way to accelerate the development of various goods and services.

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