Atos has launched its global one-stop shop initiative to pro-actively accelerate its clients’ migration to the cloud. Atos OneCloud would allow organizations to unleash the business potential of cloud through business processes optimization and application modernization.

Supported by a dedicated €2 billion investment over the next 5 years, Atos OneCloud will be delivered through secured and decarbonized, public, private or hybrid cloud environments.

First and foremost, Atos OneCloud aims at bringing business outcomes to customers, adapted to their industry, answering their market challenges and fitting their cloud journey maturity which can be either foundational, opportunistic, strategic, or transformational. Also, Atos OneCloud is designed as a modular approach, allowing customers to move their entire landscape to the cloud or business building block by business building block.

“Atos OneCloud provides clients across the globe looking for support to accelerate their move to cloud with a holistic framework and set of comprehensive capabilities to optimize the value of cloud in order to meet critical enterprise business and technology objectives,” said Dave Tapper, VP Outsourcing and Managed Cloud Services at IDC. Atos OneCloud is designed to enable a fast and smooth transition due to its strong partner ecosystem, multi cloud orchestration, application modernization and AI capabilities combined with its environmentally driven decarbonization solutions.”

Atos OneCloud would combine a unique set of 10 offerings in its one-stop shop. The strength of Atos OneCloud would be based on Atos’ ability to orchestrate any combination of those individual offerings and to instantiate them by industry. This set of 10 offerings includes:

  • Industry-specific Consultancy services to develop cloud business solutions at scale
  • Multi-Cloud orchestration across Private and Public, and across all major public cloud providers to maximize application migration and portability, lower operational costs, and ensure Cloud interoperability
  • Highly standardized and automated management framework and architecture
  • Private & Sovereign Cloud platform, ready to be deployed and managed in any datacenter, to ease the migration to the cloud while ensuring compliance requirements are met around data sovereignty and security
  • Cloud Application Development, Modernization and Replatforming, including strong DevSecOps, allowing customers to accelerate business-critical applications’ time to market
  • Cloud Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning to enhance business processes, create new solutions and monetize enterprise data
  • Bare Metal solutions (high processing and memory capabilities servers) to support non-virtualized business critical applications adjacent to the cloud, to increase the breadth of consumable cloud services
  • Cloud Edge & Far Edge solutions (local/field servers) combined with new 5G connectivity solutions – ensuring secured and local processing and optimized bandwidth consumption
  • Cybersecurity supervision services, in order to operate and respond to cloud-native security controls and anticipate threats in a prescriptive vs predictive mode.
  • Decarbonization offerings guaranteeing year-on-year carbon footprint reduction of Cloud infrastructure, data and applications

One-Stop Shop in 90 Days

Elie Girard
“Atos OneCloud is the only solution on the market that blends industry customized consulting with application transformation expertise in an end-to-end set of services,” said Elie Girard, CEO of Atos.

From today onwards, Atos offers to both existing and new clients the opportunity to co-create their personalized ‘Your Atos OneCloud Plan’ in 90 days.

“The announcement of Atos OneCloud and subsequent investment will enable clients to accelerate their journey to the cloud,” said John Laherty, Senior Research Analyst at NelsonHall. “Clients are increasingly looking to utilize the cloud to expand into new markets, launch new products and services, and innovate at scale. Atos OneCloud offers a unique one-stop-shop providing multiple offerings (including consulting, multi-cloud orchestration, DevSecOps, platforms, AI, ML, automation, and cybersecurity) to support and expedite cloud adoption. A key differentiator and client commitment include Atos OneCloud Plan, enabling a co-design approach with clients, and the ability to build cloud business cases, cloud reference architecture, and modernization roadmaps in just 90 days. Atos is also further committed to reducing the client’s carbon footprint through the inclusion of decarbonization offerings.”

Clients and Atos together will build customized cloud business cases, an industry-specific cloud reference architecture and a roadmap for applications, data, and infrastructure modernization.

Atos OneCloud is built upon a series of assets from Atos:

  • Data center outsourcing and digital hybrid cloud managed services capabilities
  • Partnerships with major public cloud providers, enabled as Managed Services Provider (MSP) with all
  • A global force of 7,000 cloud experts, 30,000 application experts, 10,000 data center and network experts and 6,500 cloud technical certifications
  • Investment in cloud expert training and certification and investment in a graduate program, IGNITE
  • Investments in cloud R&D with in-house patented solutions for orchestration, private cloud, cybersecurity, bare metal and edge computing
  • Four cloud artificial intelligence and machine learning customer labs to enhance business processes, create new solutions and monetize enterprise data
  • Longstanding automation capabilities and partnerships, including in orchestration and cloud management technology stack
  • Investment in the co-development of European cloud standards as founding member of GAIA-X, to ensure cloud interoperability and application and data portability
  • Global leading position in cybersecurity services
  • A Decarbonization Center of Excellence designed to help global organizations delivering trusted cloud strategies that achieve end-to-end carbon reduction
  • Numerous acquisitions like Maven Wave or Edifixio

“We believe cloud is more than ever the new normal for digital and Atos is uniquely positioned to deliver the full value of cloud to its clients,” said Elie Girard, CEO of Atos. “Atos OneCloud is the only solution on the market that blends industry customized consulting with application transformation expertise in an end-to-end set of services. It is the answer to help further accelerate clients’ digital transformation into secure and decarbonized cloud environments. To drive improved business outcomes, each of our customers can now co-design their own Atos OneCloud Plan. Benefiting from a unique set of capabilities, this roadmap for enterprise transformation will be built and delivered end to end by Atos, with its powerful ecosystem of partners.”