Atos Unveils In-House Developed Enterprise Servers Optimized for Machine Learning

Atos-BUllSequanaSAtos, a global IT services company with approximately 100,000 employees in 72 countries and annual revenue of around € 12 billion, has launched BullSequana S – the company’s new range of “ultra-scalable” servers. This would enable businesses to take full advantage of AI (Artificial Intelligence).

In order to utilize the extensive capabilities of AI, businesses require an infrastructure with extreme performance. Atos BullSequana S range of servers would tackle this challenge with its “unique combination of powerful” processors (CPUs) and GPUs (Graphics Processing Unit).

The BullSequana S server’s flexibility would leverage a “unique” modular architecture while providing users with the agility to add Machine Learning and AI capacity to existing enterprise workloads, thanks to the introduction of a GPU. Within a single server, GPU, storage and compute modules are mixed for a tailor-made server, for ready availability of all workloads worldwide.

“Atos is a prominent global SAP partner delivering highly performant and scalable solutions for deployments of SAP HANA,” said Dr. Jörg Gehring, senior vice president and global head of SAP HANA Technology Innovation Networks. “We have been working together to accelerate SAP HANA deployments by providing a full range of SAP HANA applications certified up to 16TB. The new BullSequana S server range developed by Atos is one of the most scalable platforms in the market, optimized for critical deployments of SAP HANA. It is expected to open new additional collaboration areas between SAP and Atos around artificial intelligence and machine learning.”

Key features of the Atos BullSequana S range of servers include

  • Up to 32 processors, 896 cores, and 32 GPUs in a single server
  • With up to 48TB RAM and 64TB NV-RAM in a single server, real-time analytics of enterprise production databases would run significantly faster than on a conventional computer by using in-memory technology whilst “ensuring both security and high quality of service.”
  • With up to 2PB internal data storage, Atos’ BullSequana S solution would efficiently support data lake and virtualization environments.

“To power Machine Learning and AI in enterprise IT, Atos has designed a new-generation computing platform, which accelerates our customers’ digital transformation by converging business-critical computing and HPC within a single device,” said Arnaud Bertrand, Fellow, Head of Big Data and HPC at Atos. “BullSequana S is the ultra-scalable, ultra-flexible, go-to server that delivers extreme performance while optimizing investment.”

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