Australian Modular Data Center Manufacturer, Datapod, Readies for International Expansion with Eaton Australia

Datapod, a modular data center supplier delivering solutions that can be manufactured in 12 weeks, shipped to any location on the planet and assembled on site in 72 hours, has entered into a supply agreement with Eaton Australia.

In an effort to streamline its manufacturing, Datapod has entered into a supply agreement with Eaton Australia. Under the agreement, Datapod will implement Eaton power quality management equipment into its data centers. In the future these will be augmented by Eaton power distribution and security products.

“When you are manufacturing a modular data center, each time you begin a new project you find you have to raise purchase orders with 30 or 40 different component suppliers,” said Managing Director Datapod, Scott Carr. “With Eaton, we are able to source multiple best-of-breed products from a single supplier.”

Mr. Carr said that, as well as the range and quality of components available from Eaton, the company’s willingness to adapt was also attractive to Datapod. “Eaton will modify their products and services to enable them to work more effectively within the Datapod system. We don’t find ourselves having to try to fit square pegs into round holes.”

International Shipping

In Australia, Datapod has been providing advanced data centers facilities to a range of clients in the industries such as: Defense, Education, Infrastructure, Communications and Resources. Systems are built in the firm’s ACT-based manufacturing facilities before being shipped to customer sites for installation.

datapod-modular-data-centers“Since we started in 2007, Datapod has been an export-focused company,” said Mr. Carr. “After having spent time designing and developing a mature product platform for clients in Australia, we are now turning our attention to the United States.”

Datapod’s first U.S. customer is Washington-based utility company WSSC. One of the largest water and waste water utilities in the country, WSSC serves more than 1.8 million residents.

As customer numbers in the U.S. increase, Mr. Carr said Datapod would establish a distribution facility there to complete final fit-outs and quality assurance testing. Pre-assembly of Eaton components will be undertaken within Eaton’s manufacturing facilities worldwide.

“This advanced manufacturing approach is well established with global manufacturers such as those operating in the car manufacturing industry,” added Mr. Carr. “It’s the same as a car manufacturer building the engine in one country and the chassis in another country and then shipping it all to the country of sale for final completion and distribution. Eaton’s components are globally available and globally supported which is essential to our expansion plans.”